DNA Perch Fry

Dougie Loughridge

Hook - Varivas 2600V Saltwater 4/0
Thread - Danvilles fine mono
Body - DNA Holofusion
Eyes - 5mm Chartreuse 3D

Holofusion is a wonderful material for creating baitfish patterns, it's just brimming with movement and shimmering colour.

Catch in the thread and wind one third of the way down the shank. Coat the wraps with glue to help prevent slippage. Select a 6" length of white DNA Holofusion, tie this in firmly.

Repeat the process with yellow then olive green. Using a green black (no9) Pantone pen, add the obligatory stripes.

The next step is to form the head shape. I do this using epoxy. Mix the epoxy gently to avoid air bubbles and apply a thin coat to the head area, carry on to about two thirds of the way along the shank, working it into the fibres as you go. DO NOT stick it onto a rotary drier as this won't give the intended profile - instead hold the fibres tight and rotate the vise - using your bodkin to shape the epoxy as it's hardening. Before the epoxy is fully dry, use grease proof paper to squeeze the head into shape.

Once the first coat is dry, add your eyes and using a red marker, colour some gills...

Add a second, thin coat of epxy to secure and leave a nice, smooth finish. Use fine, sharp scissors to work the fibres into a taper. (TIP- I recently bought an anti-static fly tiers comb which is very handy for keeping the fibres aligned and neat - especially when cutting/colouring etc.

The finished fly....